Electric Scooter: Why Are They Becoming Very Popular?



Electric scooters are built with only one thing in mind. That is to move a little distance without any problem and at an as lower price as possible. Gasoline powered scooter require gasoline which is a bit costly. In contrast, electricity is very cheap. So moving from one place to another is very cheap if you use e-scooter. Singapore is one of the countries where these vehicles can be seen almost invariably everywhere you look.

Most commonly, people compare electric scooter with gasoline powered ones. In terms of speed, electric scooters fall a big way behind the other variety. However, they are far less expensive than gas fueled one and also requires very little maintenance or repair cost. Recharging cost is the only spending that you need to do with an electric scooter. Singapore is a place where the use of these vehicles are increasing day by day due to this advantage.

There are various types of scooters available in the market. Two-wheellers, three-wheellers, four-wheellers have become a common sight on the road. Electric scooters are usually used by extremes of age: both elderly and children. They are also called mobility scooters as handicapped persons were the ones who used it most commonly in the older days. They came as a great help to people with restricted mobility.

People who prefer gasoline-powered vehicles, prefers speed of all other. These electric scooters are not as fast as them. But the previous kind causes environmental pollution with their poisonous emission and loud noised produced by their motor. Some four wheeler scooters are used in malls and airports and also in places where sound pollution is a big concern. The emissions from an electric scooter does not produce any toxic emission or noise pollution.

If you do not want range from your scooter, then electric scooter is the best choice for you. It takes almost eight hours for the battery of an electric scooter to get recharged. There are other faster chargers than can cut the duration in half. Once fully recharged, the vehicle can go up to 60 miles! If you want more mileage than that, you need to keep additional batteries with you. However, as modern technology is making advancement at an amazing rate, the capacity of these batteries are also increasing. So it is not far-fetched to think that very soon, we will be able to use batteries that provide more mileage than the traditional ones.

The price of gasoline is on the rise. Each day, the price increases, often exponentially! But the price of electricity is within affordable range. It only takes fifty cents or so to fully charge the battery. So in comparison with gas-powered vehicle, that would give you 80 miles per liter!

Although the electric-scooters are not known for their speed, acceleration is a completely different aspect. They more than cover it up with fast acceleration. If you want to travel a small distance, or go to and come back from the school-electric scooter can be the best vehicle that you can have.


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